Handmade Smoking Caps 

The gentleman’s smoking cap is one accessory that has stood the test of time. 

The pillbox shaped hat of oriental style was initially popular in the 18oo’s. Useful to keep the head warm in draftee rooms when relaxing, it also kept the smell of cigar smoke away from a gentleman’s hair. Hence the well-known names of lounge cap and smoking cap for the headwear. When it later became popular amongst scholars, it was also known as the thinking man’s cap.

Experiencing a revival, the smoking cap is again growing in popularity. As a versatile accessory that compliments so many styles including formal, steampunk, gothic, boho, hippie, to the more fantasy clothing for wizards and magicians. Its versatility holds no bounds.

My range of hats blends vintage charm with a modern twist, in both design and fabrics. They are perfect for adding that distinctive style, and individuality to a look.

The unique designs incorporate both quilting and hand beading, to make these stylish Victorian style fez hats.

Victorian style smoking cap with a hand crafted tassel, made from vintage fringing

tassels are hand crafted from 
vintage fringing 

Men's brown boho hat, handmade in a unique mix of fabrics

handmade in a unique 
mix of fabrics