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Happy Day's!

posted 19 May 2017, 07:43 by Julie Driscoll tlcHaberdashery   [ updated 22 Jun 2017, 04:49 ]
Happy Days which make you smile, and feel like the sun is shining

Fun days to celebrate and be grateful for, 
bringing a smile to others through life's ups and downs. 

June 24th

Happy International Fairy Day

June 24th a day to celebrate, feel and behave like a  fairy.

To see fairies doesn’t require education


Look and feel like a real life fairy today

       * What type of fairy are you? based on your personal qualities 

                 air, earth, dream, musical etc.                    

* Pick a name that matches your fairy personality telling only your friends, 

as a fairies name is very powerful 

 Rainburst (water) , Amber-Ray (fire), Spirit-Wisp (air)

 *Behave fairy-ish – smile often, have an open heart, be good to others 


chew on liquorice root.

(a fairy treat)


June 2nd

Happy Doughnut Day

Donut Day in honour of The Salvation Army Lasses 2nd June 2017

In honour of The Salvation Army lasses, 

who served donuts to troops on the front lines during WW1 & 11


*Boost someone’s moral today

*Show you value others efforts

*Share a comforting meal 


 Donuts will win the war!

May 20th

Happy Millionaire Day

Live a Millionaire life

Every penny counts. Jar them!


*You are your most valuable asset

* Start the day with a sacred hour, investing in your body and mind. 

*Be clear on values & life goals

*Take time to rest and recharge, there will always be work to do.


Optimism isn’t a life plan, but it is a great tailwind to have at your back - Indra Nooyi

March 17th 

    Happy St. Patrick's Day

                                                                         May your troubles be less
St Patrick's Day Celebrations with flag, leprechaun hat and lucky shamrock.
and your 
blessings be more
and nothing but happiness
come through your door

Old Irish blessing

The Shamrock - a symbol of belief
Four leaf clover - faith, hope, love, luck

Always believe in yourself